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Free time and relaxation is an important part of everyday life yet we usually don’t get enough of it. That‘s why it is very important that we spend our free
days intended for relaxation with pleasure in a pleasant living environment.

It is for this reason that we at REM have developed a new product, which is intended primarily for spending free time in harmony with nature – the REM
mobile home.

We want the REM mobile home to stand out with its technical and dwelling characteristics from similar products that exist on the market. So, we have devoted a great deal of attention to this and developed a concept to ensure pleasant living conditions and to help us feel good.

The mobile home is based on a hot galvanized two-axle chassis, which simultaneously acts as the mobile home’s floor. The floor is heat-insulated, protected from underneath by a galvanized and coloured steel sheet, and its insulating properties are guaranteed by waterproof Wood Cement Boards.

PVC or laminate can be used as the final layer of the floor.

The structure of the walls and roof is ventilated and protected by wind protection foil. The home’s interior height is a comfortable 2.4 m and it has a flat ceiling without any slanted angles.

The thickness of the walls is adaptable to different weather conditions, depending on the location where the home is being used.

The windows are sliding windows made from PVC, with decorative crosses, window screens and PVC blinds, and glazed with insulating glass. In the box with the blinds, there are air shafts installed for the natural ventilation of the home.

The exterior doors are also made from PVC with decorative crosses and glazed with insulating glass.

The home can also have a decorative attic added. The gas installations for cooking are built in a separate technical area and there is a gas- fired tankless water heater installed for the hot water supply.
There is an inverter split air conditioner installed in the home for the cooling and heating.

The home’s interior walls can be painted white or in a maple wood pattern.
The bathroom with a WC is equipped with all the sanitary elements. If the buyers so desires, we can furnish the home with furniture.

Surprising spatial solutions!

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