Modular buildings

Modular buildings – what are they?

Modular buildings are knockdown trailers turned into beautiful, practical, affordable and functional spaces, rooms or buildings. Modular buildings definition includes two terms: modular and buildings, where the former describes a method of construction – modular buildings are constructed off site and then delivered to the location, where we want to use them. The final construction is then completed on site. The individual modular buildings are joined into a single unit, which can be as big or as small as we need it. The individual modular buildings can be placed side-by-side, end-to-end or stacked on top of each other to create an interesting and practical layout. They can also be disassembled or moved in the situation demands it.

Modular buildings

What can we use modular buildings for?

Modular buildings have a number of uses. They can function as temporary, long-term or even permanent facilities in business, education or personal use, e. g. they can be used as:
  • sanitary portacabins (modular restroom buildings for workers or festival visitors etc.), 
  • modular school rooms or dormitories, 
  • modular office units, 
  • portable office storage containers,
  • modular workshop buildings,
  • modular buildings can be used as military housing, 
  • industrial facilities, 
  • fast food restaurants, sales and retail offices
  • and even modular hotel buildings
Modular buildings are a practical choice, where conventional construction would be too expensive or even  impossible (for example in rural areas, remote locations, very cold/hot parts of the world, mountains etc.), but we can all benefit from the simplicity and affordability of this innovative construction system.

Modern modular hotel buildings

Modular hotel buildings have been popular for quite some time, and that for a good reason. People started using them, because modular buildings represented a way more affordable options, so they found some old used containers and turned them into a modular hotel building. Internet is full of stories and pictures of innovative living spaces, which also inspired companies, such as REM, to improve their products in this department also. With the technological and design innovation modular hotel buildings transformed from industrial containers into beautiful and eye-catching housing solution. At the same time modular hotel building represent a clean and none-invasive construction method with minimal interventions in nature. For those, who are not looking for a permanent modular hotel building, different modular buildings can also be used as an affordable and practical holiday homes. For inspiration you can check out our brochures.  
Modular apartment buildings